Psychological Medicine

Training & Experience in Psychological Medicine.


Malcolm has a long standing interest in psychological medicine, particularly the effective disorders of depression, anxiety and panic. He has attended training groups in group analytic practice and supervised research clinics performing research into and treatment for depression, anxiety and panic disorder. This has involved work with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), benzodiazepines, and compounds related to GABA.


He additionally founded and ran Positive Under Pressure Seminars for medical professionals to help doctors and allied professionals cope with the stresses and pressures of their daily life. 3,000 General Practitioners and 1,000 other professionals have attended such courses.


He wrote the book 'Positive Under Pressure' co-authored by Gael Lindenfield.


At the Capio Private Adolescent Mental Health Hospital he ran the Parent Support Programme for parents of teenagers and adolescents with mental health issues under the title 'Parents Under Pressure'.


He has been responsible for the development of many drugs for depression.


He is a member of the Institute of Stress Management and continues to see private patients with physiological problems and addictive personalities.


Positive Under Pressure - Interactive Workshops


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