Dr. Malcolm John VandenBurg - CV


D.O.B. 21.12.48


Dr Malcolm Vandenburg is a Specialist in General and Pharmaceutical Medicine.


He is available to give medico-legal expert witness reports and appear as a medico legal expert witness and supply medical written expert opinions in any matters referred to on this page.


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BSc Upper 2nd Class Hons. Physiology
(Cardio-Respiratory, Neurological & Radiation Biology)
MBBS, St Bartholomew's Hospital 1974
MRCP 1976
Joint Committee on Higher Medical Training Certificate
in General (Internal) Medicine
Fellow, American College of Clinical Pharmacology 1991
Fellow, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine 1993
Fellow, Royal College of Physicians 1996
Member International Stress Management Association 1998
GMC Specialist Recognition in General Internal Medicine 2004
Law Society Approved Expert Witness 2004
Registered: UK National Crime Operations Faculty 2004
National Police Improvement Agency Expert Adviser Database 2009


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1. Established a private practice in sexual health, general medicine, affective disorder and clinical pharmacology.
2. Established a medico-legal practice and pharmaceutical consultancy
3. Registered with GMC as Specialist in General(Internal) Medicine.
4. Founded the London Hospital Hypertension Clinic in 1975 and performed many phase I, II and III studies on anti-hypertensive compounds.
5. Over 300 publications and research communications.
6. Founded, supported and managed Romford Cardiovascular Research, a cardiovascular clinical research organisation based at Old Church Hospital, Romford. Trust fund of £300,000 transfered to NHS 2007.
7. Original member of Merck & Co Worldwide Global Integrated Drug Development Management Committee.
8. Founded a clinical research consultancy and managed its growth from two people in a portakabin to 150 people in four European centres, South Africa, Australia and the USA.
9. Negotiated the sale of the company to a Japanese public company.
10. Managed the resulting global clinical research organisation of 500 people with a turnover of £40 million.
11. Helped negotiate the sale of the company to a Canadian public company.
12. Responsible for the worldwide registration of four pharmaceutical medicines and the registration of 30 medicines in UK and Europe.
13. Developed a management training company centred on the pharmaceutical industry, running skills and personal development workshops with a turnover of £1 million.
14. Started and negotiated the sale of a clinical pathology company with a turnover of £300,000.
15. Appointed as founder member of Europe's 500, a foundation sponsored by the European Commission and Earnst and Young, to identify Europe's top entrepreneurs and job creators.
16. Wrote the book Positive Under Pressure with Gael Lindenfield published by Thorsons.
17. Supervised Positive Under Pressure workshops for 3,000 UK General Practitioners.
18. Founded Consultrum (2002) a psychiatric clinical research organisation, a pharmaceutical consultancy and a legal consultancy.
19. Dad to four wonderful children and two dogs named Will and Duffy.

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1. Physician: I am currently working as a Physician seeing patients referred to me by General Practitioners and other doctors within my areas of expertise, primarily general medicine, sexual health and affective disorders and clinical pharmacology.
2. Medico-legal Expert Witness: providing opinions for the Court and advising the legal profession in the fields of prescription medicines, illegal drugs, general internal medicine and sexual health. Instructions have been received from solicitors, barristers, Crown Prosecution Services, Police Forces, the Armed
Forces, the Police Federation and legal consultancies.
3. Founder and Director of Positive Under Pressure™:Positive Under Pressure™ is a pressure management company which assists individuals, groups, organisations and Government agencies identify and modify
their responses to pressure, so that they gain the benefits of enhanced performance without the negative impact of stress, and addictive coping strategies.

The techniques used in Positive Under Pressure™ have now proven useful to over seventy five groups of General Practitioners who use the techniques to modify their own stress levels as well as teaching the techniques to their patients.
Seminars have been performed for The Royal College of General Practitioners, The Royal Society of Medicine, The Royal Defence Medical College and the Royal Navy. Training programmes have also been run at The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The book Positive Under Pressure is published by Thorsons
4. Pharmaceutical Consultancy: I offer advice to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Healthcare industries. I advise on both business development and registration of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. The clinical development programmes I have been responsible for are attached.


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1. Psychiatric Clinical Investigator: I worked with Dr Cosmo Hallström, Consultant Psychiatrist, at the Capio Nightingale Clinic Chelsea, performing psychiatric clinical studies. These include studies in depression, anxiety and panic.
2. Director of Same Day Doctor: A private medical clinic comprising medical, sexual and psychological clinics in Harley Street, employing three doctors, two nurses, two practice managers, three administrators and additional staff as needed.
3. Editor-in-Chief: of Dilemmas and Solutions in Global Drug Development, PJB Publications.
4. Parents Under Pressure: I was responsible for the parent support groups at the Capio Nightingale Adolescent Mental Health Unit at Radnor Walk, Chelsea, supporting parents through the stress of having their children admitted to this hospital and having mental health problems.
5. Honorary Clinical Assistant: In Renal Medicine to Professor John Cunningham, The Middlesex and University College London.

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Locum House Physician to Drs Black and Dawson in General Medicine &
Gastroenterology, St Bartholomews Hospital
Jul 1973 – Sept 1973
House Surgeon,to Mr Page, Paine and Devereux, Urology, Vascular &
General Surgery, North Middlesex Hospital
Oct 1973 – Mar 1974
House Physician, to Dr Hayward, Wykehan-Balme & Spurrell, General Medicine,
Cardiology & Rheumatology, St Bartholomew's Hospital.
Apr 1974 – Sep 1974


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Senior House Officer in General Medicine, The London Hospital, Whitechapel
Senior House Officer in Accident & Emergency
Senior House Officer in Venerology to Dr Ambrose King
Senior House Officer in General Medicine & Gastroenterology to Dr Wright
Senior House Officer in General Medicine and Respiratory Medicine
to Drs Hughes and Hickman
Oct 1974 – Dec 1975


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Lecturer in Medicine, the London Hospital, Whitechapel on the Medical Unit,
Director, Professor Ledingham.
1976 - 1980
Honorary Registrar in General Medicine to Prof Ledingham and sexual health
to Drs Dunlop and Rodin
.. All medical unit positions gave experience as the most
senior doctor on the unit during 'admission takes' for the firm. The unit was on
'take' 1/5 and 1 weekend in 5. When the NHS position was as an Honorary
Registrar, there was no senior registrar on call. Cover was provided to all other
Junior staff at the hospital. Clinics were two general medical clinics a week for
Prof Ledingham and Prof. Floyer and either an Endocrinology clinic for Prof
Cohen or a nephrology clinic for Dr Goodwin or Marsh. A clinic in sexual health
was continued and patients were managed on the wards.
Jan 1976 – Jun 1976
Honorary Registrar in Cardiology to Dr Wallace- Brigden and Alistair MacDonald.
Experience involved training in left and right ventricular cathetrisiton M mode and
later 2D echocardiography, pacemaker implantation both permanent and
temporary, and ahrythmia assessment.
There were three cardiology clinics a week and a general medical clinic was
continued. Additional experience was obtained in being responsible to the
consultant for the running of the coronary care unit and cardiac doctor on call on a
1 in 4 rota.
Jul 1976 – Dec 1976
Honorary Registrar in Medicine to Prof Mike Floyer. Experience as before.
In addition I was prime mover in establishing the London Hospital Hypertension
Clinic under the guidance of Professor J M Ledingham. My responsibilities
included staffing and funding the Unit, and I was involved in prioritising research
within it. The clinic had both a service and a research commitment. I advised
general physicians on the management and investigations of hypertensive patients,
as well as having referrals direct from general practice. The research carried out in
the clinic forms the basis of many of my publications.
A screening programme was established in general practice to identify patients
with high blood pressure. Advice and guidance were obtained from Prof. Colin
Dollery (Hammersmith Hospital) and Professor Robertson (MRC Blood Pressure
Unit, Glasgow) in the establishment of such programmes as well as the
management of specialist hypertension units. The London Hospital Clinic was one
of the first in the UK.

Honorary Senior Registrar in General Medicine to Profs Ledingham, Floyer and

There was continuous research and teaching experience. During this period there
was a rotation of six months of general medicine and six months of additional
I continued to manage and run the London Hospital Hypertension Clinic during
this time. It consisted of a technician, a research sister and a secretary, all self
funded from research grants I obtained.
Other Lecturers in Medicine used the clinic for their experience and research. I
remained responsible to Prof Ledingham for the clinical care of patients.

I had three periods on the wards being responsible to the consultant for the clinical
care of patients (experience as before).
I had two further periods of attachment to the Cardiology Department (experience
as before).
There was an additional six months attachment to the Renal Unit, being
responsible to Drs Goodwin and Marsh, where my experience included, renal in
patient and out patient care, pre and post dialysis care, as well as the care of pre
and post transplantation patients. Further endocrinology experience was obtained
with Professor Cohen.

1977 - 1980

Honorary Lecturer in Medicine, The London Hospital.
On leaving the Medical Unit, I joined MSD (see later). I continued with my
responsibility to fund and manage the Hypertension Clinic responsible to Prof
Cohen, in the position of Honorary Lecturer in Medicine on the retirement of Prof
Ledingham. The management of the unit was taken over by Dr Goodwin when I
left MSD.

Publications resulting from my work at the London Hospital can be found
throughout my publications on the PubMed List attached. They are numbers 35,
52 and 56-57 and 59-71.

My research on the unit included:
1. Effects of beta blocking drugs on the peripheral circulation
2. Treatment of resistant hypertension
3. Converting enzyme inhibitors and inhibition in the treatment of hypertension
and the physiological responses to stress

1981 - 1985

Honorary Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology to Prof Paul Turner, Professor of
Clinical Pharmacology, St Bartholomew's Hospital
Experience included an out patient clinic in general medicine and clinical
pharmacology as well as a research clinic.

I studied the effects of converting enzyme inhibitors on plasma neuropeptides in
conjunction with Professor Lesley Rees, Professor of Chemical Pathology, St
Bartholomew's Hospital, in patients with hypertension and heart failure and in
patients on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.

These papers can be found in my full Publications List and in the PubMed list
paper numbers 45 and 50.

Director and Co-ordinator of Cardiovascular Research, Old Church Hospital,
Romford, Essex.

In conjunction with Dr Stephens, I established a research charity in this District
General Hospital, undertaking studies in cardiovascular disease. There were five
clinics a week, one each in Hypertension, Angina, Heart Failure, Ahrhythmias and
Emergency Referrals. I also attended two NHS clinics in General Cardiology. The
unit undertook ½ the NHS workload at the hospital.
The publications resulting from this work in the unit are throughout my
Publications Lists.
1985 - 1995
Director and Trustee of Romford Cardiovascular Research
I have been a Director and Trustee of the Unit which was handed over to the NHS
in June 2003. The research funds were donated to the NHS trust in November
1996 - 2003


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Throughout employment at the London Hospital and Merck Sharp & Dohme, I was formally involved in the teaching of both medical students and junior hospital doctors studying for
their M R C P.

I organised the London Hospital MRCP Tutorial Scheme. I organised the MRCP
examinations on three occasions.

I was a member of:
* The London Hospital Medical College Education Committee.
* London Hospital Division of Medicine Working Party on
Postgraduate Education.
* Chairman of the Tower Hamlets Junior Hospital Staff Committee.
* Junior Hospital Staff Representative - Division of Medicine and Final Medical

1977 - 1987


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Director of Clinical Research, Merck Sharp & Dohme
I was responsible for all MSD's clinical research in the United Kingdom, which
involved a clinical commitment to cardiovascular disease, rheumatological
disease, gastroenterological disease and antibiotic therapy and many other
therapeutic classes.

While directing this research programme, members of my department had a total
of over 100 publications and presentations. The research programme resulted in
over three times this number of communications of research. I was involved in
approximately 600 clinical research studies spanning the complete spectrum of
pharmacological research from Phase I to Phase IV.

I developed a strategy that all research performed by the Company should be of a
sufficiently high standard to stand peer review and even the Company's multi
centre GP studies were presented at major UK scientific societies.

I continued with attachments at two London teaching hospitals throughout my
career within the pharmaceutical industry.

I was responsible for the UK development of Enalapril, a converting enzyme

I was responsible for the Phase III development of Norfloxacin, a urinary
antibiotic, Imipenem, a broad spectrum antibiotic and Indocid Gel, a topical
preparation of Indomethacin, and Famotidin, an H2 antagonist and Simvastatin a
lipid lowering agent.

Phase II and II programmes were supervised for anti-depressants,
bronchodilatators, mast cell stabilisers and antiarrhythmics.

In addition, research programmes included those for cardiovascular drugs -
Aldomet, Moduretic, Blocadren, Amiloride and Moducren, ophthalmic drugs,
particularly Timoptol, anti-rheumatic drugs, such as Indomethacin, Indocid and
Clinoril and Osmosin, anti-infectives.

I also developed with Merck Sharp & Dohme the concept of sponsorship for
academic research which had a corporate interest. The most successful of these
projects was the programme to investigate the relationship between a lowered
serum potassium and the occurrence of arrhythmias. This work is often quoted
and has played a major part in developing the hypothesis out- lined above. Staff -
five physicians, seven CRAs and secretaries.

1981 - 1985


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Chief Executive Officer, ROSTRUM Group Limited
I was Chairman and founder of MCRC Group Limited, which changed its name to
ROSTRUM in 1994, the international contract research organisation with offices
in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa and Australia.

I established MCRC as a leading European contract research and consultancy
organisation and have established research units at many hospitals. The
Company, under my direction, has successfully handled research, registration and
statistical projects for most of the major American and European pharmaceutical
companies. I have personally supervised clinical expert reports, which have led
to the registration of many drugs in the areas of hypertension, heart failure,
angina, arrhythmias, antibiotics, urology, oncology and respiratory medicine, as
well as many others.

I also founded and developed ROSTRUM, an organisation which trains in
research and regulatory skills, personal development programmes, and organises
many international conferences.

I have lectured widely and taught for major innovative pharmaceutical companies
on GCP and drug development throughout Europe as well as in the Near East, Far
East and South American countries. I consistently presented original research at
major international and national scientific meetings, as well as publishing articles
on many subjects at the rate of twenty per year. I co-authored "GCP for
Investigators" which has sold over 40,000 copies in English, Spanish, German,
French, Italian and Russian.

1986 - 1995

President and CEO, IBRD-ROSTRUM GLOBAL, a multi-national clinical
Research organisation serving the pharmaceutical industry. It employed 500
people, with major offices in California, Philadelphia, London and across Europe.
The turnover was appropriate for a company of this size within the CRO sector.
My direct reports were the Senior Vice President, Finance, the Senior Vice
Presidents for Operations in the USA and Europe, and the Senior Vice Presidents
for Sales and Medical Affairs.

I was responsible to the Board of Kuraya, a Japanese company, for the scientific
performance of the global company. I continued with scientific input and
consultancy activities. My most notable scientific achievement was completing
the filing of a complete NDA for a Japanese client for an anti epileptic.

I have successfully completed Phase III programmes for anti-hypertensives and
anti-infectives, Phase I programmes for insulin sensitisers and disease modifying
drugs in rheumatoid arthritis, and Phase II programmes in heart failure and insulin
sensitising drugs.

I was responsible for the registration of four medicines worldwide: an
antiarrhythmics, an hypnotic, an anti-epileptic and an anti-biotic.

I registered 30 other medicines in the UK and Europe including an anaesthetic, an
anti-cancer agent, an anti-emetic, ereutho proetin and urological products as well
as many other cardio vascular and anti infective compounds.

Pharmacoepidemiological studies on non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and
the gastro intestinal system, H2 antagonists and malignancy, cardiac safety of
drugs for erectile dysfunction, asthma and many other classes of compounds.

1995 - 1998


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Editor: St Bartholomew's Hospital Journal, 1970 – 1971
Managing Director: St Bartholomew's Hospital Journal, 1972 - 1974
Member: Organising Committee of Bartholomew Fair, the Festival celebrating St
Bartholomew's Hospital 850th anniversary.
Chairman, the London Hospital Silver Jubilee Festival Committee, 1977
Senior Management Programme Ashridge Management College.
European School of Business Administration, Senior Managers MBA Programme
INCEAD, Fontainebleau.
Author: Positive Under Pressure, Published by Thorsons.
Author: Good Clinical Practice for Investigators.
Author: Standard Operating Procedures for Investigators.
Editorial Board: Journal of Good Clinical Practice.
Editorial Board: Applied clinical Trials Journal.
Reviewer: British Journal of British Pharmacology.
Reviewer: Journal of Human Hypertension.
Editor-in-Chief: Dilemmas and Solutions in Global Drug Development, PJB



Clinical Investigator

* Good knowledge of the clinical trial process and GCP.
* Friendly, reassuring attitude to patients to build good relationships and confidence.
* Ability to network with General Practitioners to reassure them of their patient's safety and to gain their cooperation in the clinical trial process.
* An in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical medicine helps put safety concerns into a clinical perspective.
* Founded the London Hospital Hypertension Clinic in 1975 and performed many phase I, II and III studies on anti-hypertensive compounds.
* Honorary Physician, Department of Clinical Pharmacology at St Bartholomew's Hospital, 1980 – 1984. Performed Phase I, II and III Studies anti-hypertensive compounds.
* 1984 to 2003 responsible for clinical research within the Department of Cardiology at Oldchurch Hospital and have performed over 60 studies in all aspects of cardiovascular disease.

Pharmaceutical Physician
* Broad range of therapeutic knowledge and contact with opinion leaders
* Able to collect and critically analyse data and information from the company literature, searches and academics, to construct the best critical path for product development and registration
* Co-ordinating author of 30 clinical expert reports in cardiovascular, CNS, antibiotic and many other therapeutic areas.
* Leader of crisis management team in support of four products.
* Networking and influencing abilities enabling the distillation of divergent opinions from regulators and consultants across national boundaries to develop plans in line with the company's strategy which are endorsed by these critical groups
* Sound track record of developing practical clinical operation plans with critical go/no-go decision points, especially fast track 2A studies
* An ability to get research presented and published for key meetings and journals. I have over 75 peer-reviewed articles and a larger number of presentations, many in conjunction with leading experts in the fields of my interest.
Below, I list a few of the comments made about me by a Human Resource Director,
of one of my major clients:

* 'Excellent communications skills'
* 'Strategic thinker – not entrenched in the now or the past'
* 'Proven commercial acumen and ability'
* 'Commercial experience in environments of rapid growth and change'
* 'Intellectual agility and stamina'
* 'Visionary – not necessarily detail conscious, but able to view the wider picture and associated issues'
* 'Technical knowledge'
* 'The ability to distil issues, quickly and concisely, resulting in identification of pertinent points and required action'
* 'Outcome focused'
* 'Influencing abilities'
* 'Networker'
* 'A contributor of ideas – an active participant in meetings'
* 'Willingness and ability to challenge the status quo, leading to positive outcome/solution'
* 'Persuasive'
* 'Financially aware/competent'


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These are shown on the attached list and are grouped according to my areas of interest and available on request:


Recent Publications:
1997 Editorial Articles
Effects of Hypertensive Drugs on Peripheral Vascular Physiology
Converting Enzyme Inhibition
Case Reports
General Medical Topics
Hypertension General
Effect of Potassium on Arrhythmias
Effect of Potassium on Hypertension
Clinical Studies on Moducren
Triple Therapy for Hypertension
Research Methodology
Good Clinical Practice
Isosorbide Mononitrate in Heart Failure
Quality of Life
Angina Studies
Press Releases
Advisory Boards & Academic Reviews

Personal Development
Positive Under Pressure


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The Sunday Times Personal Development Show JUNE 1997
The Sunday Times Personal Development Show JUNE 1998
The Royal Society of Medicine JUNE 1998
Institute of Personnel & Development OCT 1999
Mind, Media & Medicine MAY 2000
The Human Resources Forum MAY 2000
* The Royal Society of Medicine
* The Royal College of General Practitioners
* The Royal College of Psychiatrists
* Royal Defence Medical College
* The Royal Navy
* HM Treasury
* University of Wales
* Association of Accounting Technicians
* Pfizer
* Pharmacia
* International Business Communications
* 60 seminars have been performed for local GP Tutors as part of refresher courses, study days or weekly
* 10 seminars have been performed for Human Resource Departments in the Healthcare sector
* 5 seminars have been performed for NHS Trusts
* University of Portsmouth
* Personal Development Training
Pharmaceutical Times, September 1994, p26-27
* Self Confidence for Success
Pharmaceutical Marketing, September 1994, p41-42
* 5 Rs for Keeping Positive Under Pressure
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* Work Pressure – Can you handle it?
topjobs.co.uk – instant expert article


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Drug Development Programs Planned and Managed by Dr M J VandenBurg (PHASE IIA)


Go/No-go studies for:

A potassium channel activator
Calcium sensitiser
Insulin sensitiser
Anti-rheumatic disease modifier
Obsessive compulsive disorder
H2 antagonist
Many anti infectives
Drugs for hypertension
- Heart failure
- Angina and Arrhythmias

Oral inotropes for CHF
Anti nausea drugs
Drugs for pain
Peripheral vascular disease
Homeopathic for flu
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Alcohol abuse


Phase III programs for:

Three converting enzyme inhibitors
H2 antagonist
Anti-cancer agents
Many anti-infectives
Aids therapy
Potassium channel activator
Alcohol Addiction
Non-steroidial anti-inflammatory drugs
Parkinson's therapy
Vaccines for Hepatitis B
Wound dressings
Raised IOP


Phase IV programs:

Anti hypertensives
H2 antagonist
Non-steroidial anti-inflammatory drugs
Anti-Bleeding Compounds.


Analysis, Study Reports, Safety and Efficacy Summaries, IND safety updates, NDA Filings and European
Clinical Expert Report for:


* Anti-arrhythmic
* Hypnotic
* Anti-epileptic
* Anti-Infective


Complete European submissions for:


* Anti-hypertensives
* Anaesthetics
* Drugs for heart failure,
* Angina
* Anti-cancer agents
* Anti-anaemic products
* Drugs for bladder outflow
* Anti-platelet agents
* Antihistamines


Safety reports for many drugs relating to:

Cardiac, Hepatic, Renal and Photo Toxic Safety Issues as well as safety in stomach and colon

Only the major programs have been listed, single studies and consultancy projects have been carried out in
almost all therapeutic areas as well as some niche areas such as:

* Cachexia in Aids
* Gene Therapy
* Autologous Transplantation and transfusion
* Blood substitutes
* Wound Growth Modifiers
* Anti oxidant in cardio vascular disease
* Alzheimer's
* Hepatitis A and B
* Anti-fungal
* Syjrogens Syndrome
* Anti-thrombotics

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