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Dr. M J VandenBurg


Dr Malcolm Vandenburg is a Specialist in General and Pharmaceutical Medicine.


He is available to give medico-legal expert witness reports and appear as a medico legal expert witness and supply medical written expert opinions in any matters referred to on this page.


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Read Dr. Vandenburg's medico legal report on The Risks in Use of Naloxone with Patients Dependent on Opiates for Analgesia Especially for Those who have Cardiac Problems. Read Dr John Stephens' reply.

EXPERT OPINION ON CANNABIS - click here to download PDF

Malcolm VandenBurg gives his expert opinion on cannabis.




Instructing Person


Additional Points


Solicitor Alcohol, hypoxia, smoking Air Rage  
Solicitor Zimovane MAA  
Solicitor Carbamazepine, diazepam, Depakote, Chlorpromazine, Lithium    Report not filed.  Client dropped case
Solicitor Zolpidem  MAA Client acquitted
Solicitor Zolpidem     
Solicitor Cocaine, marijuana Children, hair, passive smoking  
Solicitor Vitamins Psychological  
Solicitor Heroin, cocaine  Withdrawal, psychological  
Solicitor Heroin, cocaine withdrawal, psychological    
Solicitor Diazepam/alcohol MAA, pharmacokinetics, Diazepam, Zopiclone, MAA, alcohol  
Solicitor Zimovane, diazepam MAA Client acquitted
Solicitor Cyclizine   Sentenced
Solicitor Coltsfoot leaves Regulatory  
Solicitor Risperidone  Shoplifting  
Solicitor Risperidone  Shoplifting  
Solicitor Formaldehyde, methane, Rohypnol     
Solicitor SSRI, Paroxetine Shoplifting mania withdrawal Pleaded guilty.
Surrey Police Criminal Justice Unit Gliclazide  Urine and ADH  
Solicitor Citalopram, SSRI Shoplifting  
Solicitor None Psychological  
Ministry of Defence Support Alcohol intoxication,  Men's rea, disinhibition,   
Ministry of Defence Support Men's rea, disinhibition,  Men's rea, disinhibition,   
The Crown Prosecution Service Mefloquine Anti malaria, psychological side effects of Mefloquine No evidence offered
Solicitor Ketamine    Convicted
Solicitor Cannabis Driving Got off
Solicitor Calcium chloride Medical negligence  
Solicitor Fluvoxamine, alcohol Driving Awaiting court
Solicitor Seroxat Epilepsy  
Solicitor Venlafaxine    
Police Federation of Eng & Wales Alcohol    
Solicitor Clonazepam/Temazepam/cannabis GBH,mens rea, mental effects. MAA Mens rea/Guilty being sentenced
Solicitor Metronidazole, Kefradine     
Solicitor   HIV  
Solicitor Rohypnol Prosecution  
Solicitor Imipramine, Temazepam, Librium Anxiety and symptoms  
Solicitor Iso-butyl nitrite, alcohol Auto eroticism and sadomastic injuries, murder and pain   
CPS MST Morphine diazepam    
CPS Glue sniffing    
CPS Portsmouth Trials Units Amphetamine  Sleep  
Solicitor Khat, Cocaine Psychosis  
Solicitor Diazepam Air Rage  
Northampton Constabulary Gabapentin, Venlafaxine, Zispin, lithium, Tramadol   Client acquitted
Solicitor Diazepam/Paroxetine/Diclofenac/Lansoprazole /Zopiclone    
Solicitor Allopurinol/Desloratadine    
Solicitor Soltolol, Venlafaxine    
Solicitor methadone, cocaine & Dihydrocodeine Driving  
Solicitor Heroin, cocaine  Withdrawal, psychological, use  
Solicitor Pethadine Thallasimia crisis  
Solicitor Morphine    
Solicitor Cocaine, marijuana Race, passive, hair, children  
Solicitor   Psychological  
Solicitor Cannabis Driving  
Royal Air Force Metronidazole Cefaclor alcohol Pain  
Solicitor Cocaine, MDMA    
Solicitor Cefaclor    
Solicitor Morphine/Propofol/Sevoflurane    
Solicitor Amitriptyline, effects on bladder Moved prison   
Solicitor Carbamazepine/Salbutamol/Pholcodine/Co-dydromol/Budesonide/Amitriptyline    
Solicitor Cocaine, marijuana Hair Drug test  
Solicitor Enalapril, ketoralak    
Solicitor Zopiclone     
Solicitor Diazepam     
Solicitor Heroin/morphine Vitreous humor  
Solicitor Imipramine/Doxazosin/Bendrofluazide/Temazepam    
Solicitor Cocaine    
Solicitor   Depression, absence from work  
Solicitor Lithium/Carbamazepine/Depakote/Chlorpromazine    
Solicitor Paroxetine  Murder  
Solicitor Paroxetine  Murder  
Solicitor Paroxetine  Murder  
Solicitor Paroxetine  Murder  
Solicitor Cannabis driving    
Solicitor Cannabis driving    
Solicitor Zopiclone MAA driving  
Solicitor Disulfiram     
Anglia Crime Team  Diazepam/Subutex    
Solicitor Midazolam MMA  
Solicitor Atenolol, Temazepam, Cipramil    
Solicitor Fluvoxamine, Nitrazepam    
Solicitor Cocaine, Diazepam, Dihydrocodeine, Metronidazole, Methadone, Clarithromycin and Temazepam    
Solicitor Cipralex, Escitalopram    
Solicitor MAA, diazepam Driving  
Solicitor Etodolac, Eccoxolac, Reductil, Sibutramine Dispensing Chemist  
Solicitor Etodolac, Eccoxolac, Reductil, Sibutramine Dispensing Chemist  
Solicitor Citalopram    
Solicitor Clonazepam     
CPS Morphine/benzodiazepine     
Solicitor Clonazepam     
Solicitor Epilepsy    
Solicitor Head injury    
Solicitor Dichloromethane     
Solicitor Herpes Simplex    
Solicitor Pantoprazole and Esomeprazole     
Solicitor Ejaculation    
Solicitor Methotrexate Mis-prescribing by a doctor  
Solicitor Zolpidem, Methylphenidate, Sumatriptan, Phenobarbitone, Esomeprazole, Cetirizine, Pseudoephedrine, Diphenhydramine   Hung jury.  CPS decided not to re-try.
Solicitor Sleep deprivation/breathalyser/stress    
Solicitor Sleep deprivation/breathalyser/stress    
Solicitor Alcohol/MAA/driving    
Solicitor Codeine Phosphate     
Solicitor Codeine Phosphate     
Solicitor Alcohol, Chlordiazepoxide, Ciprofloxacin, Haloperidol  Amnesia and inappropriate behaviour  
CPS Alcohol Rape  
Solicitor Voltarol    
Solicitor Viagra, Carbamazepine    
Solicitor Cocaine    
Solicitor Cocaine, heroin, diazepam, codeine    
Solicitor Head injury Head injury  
Crown Prosecution Service Essex Fluoxetine, Prozac Murder  
Solicitor Herbal     
Solicitor Methamphetamine    
Solicitor Strangulation    
Solicitor Litigation/fit for court    
Solicitor Diazepam    
Solicitor Rohypnol    
Solicitor Alcohol, drugs    
Solicitor SMS Lynch Plant Hire    
Solicitor Prednisolone, Azathiopine & Lansoprazole    
Solicitor Cannabis driving    
Solicitor Citalopram    
Solicitor Duloxetine    
Solicitor Khat    
Solicitor GHB / rape    
Independent Police Complaints Commission Under consideration    
Solicitor Diphenhydramine    Found guilty, despite report.
Solicitor Cyclizine and Morphine    
Solicitor Tramadol    
Solicitor Asthma    
Solicitor Oxynorm    Pleaded guilty.  Report used in mitigation.  Received non custodial sentence.
Solicitor Reductil    
Solicitor Date rape drugs     
Solicitor Alcohol, cannabis and marijuana    
Solicitor HIV    
Solicitor Alcohol, cannabis, Paroxetine, Zopiclone, Carbimazole, Loratadine and Transdermal Patches Thyroid disease, sexual assault and actual bodily harm  
Solicitor Propranolol Panic attacks Not guilty
Solicitor Testosterone gel Sleep apnoea  Report accepted by both sides.  Used in mitigation.  Limited access to children being agreed.
Solicitor Clopixol / alcohol    
Solicitor Needlestick injury    
Solicitor Cannabis Passive CPS have decided not to pursue the allegation of driving whilst unfit through drugs.
Solicitor Date rape drug     
Solicitor Erectile dysfunction Indecent exposure Report accepted by both sides.  Used in mitigation.  Limited access to children being agreed.
Solicitor Heroin, diamorphine    
Solicitor Naloxone and heroin    
Solicitor Zopiclone and Sertraline Hydrochloride & Alcohol    
CPS Alcohol, Malarone, Varenicline, Champix  Assault by Beating and Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm’  CPS decided to not to press charges.
Solicitor Temazepam, Champix, alcohol  Car fumes  
Solicitor Zopiclone and Paroxetine Shoplifting Dropped charges
Solicitor Ketamine, cocaine and alcohol    
Solicitor Diazepam, Amitriptyline and Quitiapine, amphetamines and cocaine, Zomig DASA, bi-polar, borderline personality, panic disorder. Hung jury.  CPS currently retry.
Solicitor Diazepam, Amitriptyline and Quitiapine, amphetamines and cocaine, Zomig DASA, bi-polar, borderline personality, panic disorder. Hung jury.  CPS currently retry.
Solicitor Cannabis.  Cultivation of cannabis.  Sativex Pleaded guilty.  Report used in mitigation.  Accepted by prosecution.  Non custodial sentence.
Kingston Police Station Lamotrigine, Aminophylline hydrate, Venlafaxine, Montelukast, codeine phosphate, ferrous sulphate, Salbutamol, Cetirizine    
Solicitor Champix Varenicline Premenstrual, drunk in charge of a child  
Solicitor Codeine    
Solicitor Codeine    
Solicitor Alcohol and cocaine Rape  


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