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D.O.B. 21.12.48


Dr Malcolm Vandenburg is a Specialist in General and Pharmaceutical Medicine.


He is available to give medico-legal expert witness reports and appear as a medico legal expert witness and supply medical written expert opinions in any matters referred to on this page.


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Drug Development Programs Planned and Managed by Dr M J VandenBurg (PHASE IIA)


Go/No-go studies for:

A potassium channel activator
Calcium sensitiser
Insulin sensitiser
Anti-rheumatic disease modifier
Obsessive compulsive disorder
H2 antagonist
Many anti infectives
Drugs for hypertension
- Heart failure
- Angina and Arrhythmias

Oral inotropes for CHF
Anti nausea drugs
Drugs for pain
Peripheral vascular disease
Homeopathic for flu
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Alcohol abuse


Phase III programs for:

Three converting enzyme inhibitors
H2 antagonist
Anti-cancer agents
Many anti-infectives
Aids therapy
Potassium channel activator
Alcohol Addiction
Non-steroidial anti-inflammatory drugs
Parkinson's therapy
Vaccines for Hepatitis B
Wound dressings
Raised IOP


Phase IV programs:

Anti hypertensives
H2 antagonist
Non-steroidial anti-inflammatory drugs
Anti-Bleeding Compounds.


Analysis, Study Reports, Safety and Efficacy Summaries, IND safety updates, NDA Filings and European
Clinical Expert Report for:


* Anti-arrhythmic
* Hypnotic
* Anti-epileptic
* Anti-Infective


Complete European submissions for:


* Anti-hypertensives
* Anaesthetics
* Drugs for heart failure,
* Angina
* Anti-cancer agents
* Anti-anaemic products
* Drugs for bladder outflow
* Anti-platelet agents
* Antihistamines


Safety reports for many drugs relating to:

Cardiac, Hepatic, Renal and Photo Toxic Safety Issues as well as safety in stomach and colon

Only the major programs have been listed, single studies and consultancy projects have been carried out in
almost all therapeutic areas as well as some niche areas such as:

* Cachexia in Aids
* Gene Therapy
* Autologous Transplantation and transfusion
* Blood substitutes
* Wound Growth Modifiers
* Anti oxidant in cardio vascular disease
* Alzheimer's
* Hepatitis A and B
* Anti-fungal
* Syjrogens Syndrome
* Anti-thrombotics

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