Medico Legal Expert Witness Opinion

Expert Reports Conditions of Service.


Terms & Conditions


1. Invoices are payable within 30 days of submission. If not paid within 60 days, Bank of England base rate interest plus 3% will be charged. Invoices outstanding after 90 days will be charged Bank of England base rate interest plus 5%.


2. Quotes exclude:
* any meetings between Dr VandenBurg and any of the interested parties
* couriers as needed
* other literature
* obtaining original copies of literature from the RSM or the British Library
* phone calls in excess of 5 minutes initiated by yourselves which are charged in 5 minute blocks at £10 per five minutes
* VAT at the applicable rate.


3. All instructions when warned to attend court must be in writing and served on my email


4. All cancellations of warnings must be in writing and served on my email


5. If the warning is cancelled up to one week prior, there is no cost.


6. If cancellation is between seven days and four days prior, charge will be one quarter of daily cost.


7. If cancellation is three or two days prior charge will be half daily cost.


8. If cancellation one day prior, or on day of warning, charge will be the full daily fee.

9. Travel is charged at the same rate as the hourly rate.

10. When warned for court there will be a fee of 20% of the report fee for re-reading the papers prior to attendance in court.

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